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ONE THING DIGITAL provides e-commerce management and consulting, search engine optimization audits and remediation, and web analytics implementation and reporting to small and medium businesses.

We focus on what matters most, your profitability. We do that by tieing everything we do back to sales. We focus on real-world metrics that directly impact your bottom line.

No trickery with charts and tables that don’t actually say anything. No random problems that you can’t actually do something about.


Curiosity is critical for new solutions to old problems.


To get to where you want to be, you have to be honest with where you are.


We work as partners with out clients. When you win, we win.

US Based

Proudly based in central PA, we don’t outsource any work overseas.


Time is money, so we make sure we use it as wisely as possible.


What do eCommerce success and parenting have in common? Coffee.

Managed eCommerce Services

Many small businesses struggle with the same thing, too much to do, too little time. Our Managed eCommerce Services are designed to handle all the little day to day details so you can grow your business.

eCommerce Migrations

Migrating your eCommerce site from one platform to another is risky. And it is complicated. We can minimize the risk while simplifying the process.

eCommerce Consulting

Sometimes you just need a little guidance on how to best set up a specific process or solve an odd problem. We can walk you through different scenarios to help you find the right way forward.

eCommerce Services

We have worked in almost every part of an eCommerce business from operations to customer service to migrations to merchandising. We can help you figure out how to resolve a problem, manage your day to day operations or advise you on best practices for growth.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization can seem like a black box of magic and mystery. We have worked on dozens of eCommerce websites from international enterprise websites down to mom-and-pop specialty retailers. The tactics can change, the budgets can vary, but improvements can always be made.

Website SEO Audit

You can't get to where you want to be if you don't know where you are. That is the core of our SEO audits, a realistic assessment of your websites strengths, weaknesses, and what do do next.

Ongoing SEO Optimization

Optimizing your website can be a complicated mix of web development, content development, and random fixes. We can take the results of our SEO audit and work through them systematically to optimize your site.

GA4 Migrations

Google is making massive changes to its analytics platform, Universal Analytics. It will stop processing data in the 3rd quarter of 2023 and you will need to migrate to the new application, GA4.

Web Analytics Reporting

Google Analytics reports can be confusing, and even worse, not actionable. We can work with you to understand what really moves the needle for your business and translate that into a meaningful, actionable reporting suite.

Google Tag Manager

Reporting needs a source of data. Tag Manager is used to implement tracking scripts, events, and other data points which in turn translate into meaningful reporting.

Matomo Analytics

Many businesses find Google's new GA4 application to be insufficient for their website tracking needs. Matomo Analytics is a free, open-source alternative that works more like Universal Analytics.

Web Analytics

Every website needs a robust website measurement system in place so that marketing leaders and business owners can make sound, data-backed decisions. We work to translate business needs and goals into an analytics implementation which generates reports that are trustworthy and actionable.

How Can We Help?

Our mission is to help small and medium-sized e-commerce retailers win online. So shoot us an email and let us know what problems we can help you solve!

We have worked with One Thing Digital on several different types of projects and they always deliver beyond expectations. I trust their team to provide value and always seem to go back to them for more work just because they’re a delight and great to work with.

Joe W

VP of Marketing, InteractOne